Affiliate Program

Are you interested in making some extra money and earning free products?
Help promote and spread the word about VANZETTI & CO with friends, family, followers and get 10% commission CASH (Paypal. Don't have one? Easily sign up for a free account by clicking HERE) on every sale! PLUS, get a FREE product when you make 5 sales! For example, with no hard effort, you can just keep the link in your social media profiles/bios or post about it on your social medias! It's that easy!
  • Must have a minimum of 2000 followers on Instagram (with some exceptions!)
  • Active audience + engagement with your followers
  • Account must be public
After reviewing your request email, we will contact you within a week only if you fit the requirements. We will give you a 10% unique discount code of your choice to promote. Once you trafficked 5 sales within a month, we will reward you with a free gift (as well as 10% commission per order)! Once you reach your first free gift, your code no longer expires and you can promote indefinitely for continuous free gifts! Email us weekly to get updates on your sales count!
If you're interested, please contact us at